A gift-sending platform that makes it easy to send and receive gifts without losing the element of anticipation that comes with opening the gift. Just one thing, it's all virtual.
Duration: Jan 2021 - Feb 2021 (3 weeks)
Role: UX/UI/Product Designer in a team of one
Category: Passion project


With COVID cases still rising and the holiday season coming around the corner, I wanted to be able to surprise my friends with thoughtful gifts that wouldn't unnecessarily need anyone to expose themselves to the circulating virus (which includes going out to shop for gifts in physical stores). Wanting to send gifts to friends that lived in different states was another consideration of mine.

Nowadays, deliveries are a lot faster digitally and with COVID around, utilization of digital tools has also drastically increased.

The problem with simply sending an e-card or gift card digitally is a loss of personalization and excitement. Gift giving is  about the receiver's experience. Even for sending simple gifts like cards, there's no reason why we shouldn't make it fun for the receiver :)


The platform would allow users to share digital gifts with their friends, family, and loved ones. There would be a wide range of customization option to allow for a personalized experience. The gift bag editing interface should be friendly and simple. Users would be able to change the gift wrap type, color, etc. as well as freely add virtual content to their gift bags.

Receivers will interact with the unwrapping process, closely stimulating the feeling of anticipation like in real life, and finally check out what they got!
ToYou should appear welcoming and be friendly-to-use for an audience who doesn't come from a creative background. I chose to go with bright colors and easy-to-read font size.

User Flow


The Experience

The homepage features bright and inviting visual graphics that briefly introduced the user to the platform. The login or sign up process would begin here.
Scrolling down on the homepage begins a brief description of how the gifting works, appealing it as an easy-to-use tool.

A sticky nabber here, so it'll be easy for the user to login/signup at any point
The gift editor.
A variety of editing tools available for card decorations. Here, they would also be able to choose the kind of unwrapping experience they want the recipient to have!

Wrap it up: complete the process by generating a link to the gift and sending it.
The gift is sent and has been opened by the recipient!

On this screen, receivers will be able to open the present by interacting.